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Let’s face it, it can be quite a difficult task to choose gifts for your loved ones. You always want to go for something unique, yet it should also have a personal touch to it. A gift that reminds them of you and that special day or time you spent together.

If you’re currently looking for a stunning, unique, and intimate gift, you have come to the right place. We at Blue Horizon Prints, design exquisite custom star maps for your special days, events, and celebrations. You can create your own personalized star constellation map artworks. People are sometimes bored with the usual posters and paintings hanging on the walls. Star Maps are a meaningful and fascinating way to decorate your wall while adding a personal touch to it.

Death Star Star Wars Personalised Map Art

Star Maps are fully custom made according to the day and time provided by you. Every moment happens under a special sky. You can always cherish that sight of the sky by designing a Star Map for your special day. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding day, the day you met your special one, the day you kissed them for the first time, the first hangout with a friend, or any other day. We guarantee to make it more exclusive with our star maps.

We have various themes and styles for your star maps including, Mandala Sky Map, Custom Blue Watercolour Star Map, Once Upon A Star, and the forest Star Map. All made to accuracy and perfection for the important days of your life. For all the Star Wars lovers out there, we also have a Death Star Bespoke Star Map.

After your order is placed, we send you a proof for you to approve the art piece and request tweaks, if any. When you’re 100% satisfied with the results, your order is delivered. It can all be totally customized according to you, the words, dates, time, place, etc.

We use the best astronomy software to prepare the most precise night sky for the given day, time, and location. The printed sky that you see is an exact recreation of the sky that was above you on a special day.

Take your special day and recreate it into an entire horizon hanging on the wall of your room. Our Star Maps are not only unique and highly appealing but, they are also very meaningful and a gift that you’ll cherish and remember for years ahead.

If you are looking to buy art, other than star maps, we have a beautiful collection of wall art, available to buy on our sister site Canvas Prints Australia. Browse through a collection of artwork ranging from Australian themed art in a wide variety of formats, beautiful classical prints for artists such as Van Gogh and Monet, or for something more modern we have a popular collection of Banksy Prints.