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Star maps are an extremely diverse form of art and can be used for any occasion or a special moment. They’re not only for romantic occasions and festivities, rather our star maps make marvellous birthday, wedding as well as anniversary gifts. We at Star maps turn your heart-warming moments into starry night maps, making eternal memories.

Countless times in your life are worth being remembered forever. Like when it was the birthday of your closest friend, or when you shift to a new town o,r perhaps a new country, or the day your baby said their first words. You see that there are several memorable times in your life that you want to cherish and they’re different for everyone. Here are some ideas that will help you to streamline your star map gifts.

Your Birthday

Get yourself a gorgeous customized star map for the day you were born. How did the sky look like when your mother first held you in her arms? A fascinating thought, right? Think about yourself and the battles you’ve won, the achievements you’ve made. Cherish yourself through a starry night star map of your day.

Birthdays of Loved Ones

Get a stunning star map for your child or your life partner’s birthday or perhaps a friend of yours who has been there with you through thick and thin. Surprise your loved ones with this personalized star map for the day they came into existence.

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Wedding Day

If you’ve met the person f your dreams, you’ll surely want to keep that memory safe forever. Our collection offers a variety of star map designs to suit your special day. Any colour, any theme you like.

Moving Day

Moving out to a new town or country can be quite exciting. It acts as the beginning of a new era for you and your loved ones. To treasure these new beginnings forever, you can get yourself an elegant star map that can be placed anywhere in your new home.

Custom Framed Canvas Star Map for a Baby Boy

When your Baby was Born

The day your baby is born is unlike any other day of your life. This is the perfect moment to capture the night sky and keep it treasured forever as a newborn baby star map artwork.

Starting a New Career

Your career is always a very important aspect of your life. The hardships, sacrifices, and achievements mean a lot. It’s like watching yourself achieve the dreams and goals you made for yourself. You deserve to remember these moments forever.

Unhappy Nights

Life is all about happy and sad moments. It’s upon us to choose, whether to hold on to them or to move on and learn from them. A star map of tough times will act as a constant reminder that you made it through the hard times. A source of inspiration and motivation to you from you.


Some people will choose to remember a deceased loved one through a star map. The visual aid of the starry night star map might help them to battle with the tragic loss. It can be a way to honour their memory even after they’re gone.

A Small Holiday

A weekend getaway with your friends has got to be an extraordinary time, a time you’ll always remember and hold close to your heart. The memorable weekend where you stayed awake all night under the stars, needs a wonderous star map.

Family Gatherings

Small gatherings and get-togethers with your family surely mean the world to you. These little memories become quite sweet and cherishable when you grow old and get busy with your lives. Special and warm nights like these should have a star ap of their own. A starry night where all your family is together.